Scientists have warned about new dangers of alcohol

Scientists have warned about new dangers of alcohol

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. Excessive consumption of alcohol significantly increases the risk of developing dementia, found a research group from France and Canada. The study is published in the journal the Lancet Public Health.

The researchers analyzed medical records 57353 hospital patients in France. All study participants had been diagnosed with early dementia.

The research group found that 38.9% of patients had serious problems with alcohol, and 17.6 percent suffered from disorders caused by alcoholism.

Thus, 56.5% of patients with early dementia was discovered a direct relationship between alcohol consumption and the development of the disease. Scientists emphasize that these findings are tantamount applicable to both men and women.

In their work, the experts noted the need for measures to reduce alcohol consumption among the population and timely medical interventions to deal with alcoholism.