Who supervises the staff Sobchak?

Who supervises the staff Sobchak?

Yesterday, TASS Ksenia Sobchak held a big press conference where you talked about the details of your campaign and answered questions of journalists. It is noteworthy that in addition to the candidate the meeting was attended by the heads of the most important areas of the office, including its formal head Igor Malashenko. Most of the time, of course, said Sobchak, then the floor was given to head of the regional headquarters Timur valyeev, who reported on the campaign to collect signatures, but Igor Malashenko for a press conference had not uttered a single important replica. If at the beginning the presenter has not presented all the participants, then no one would have suspected that Malashenko is the head of staff. Then he performs the role, and who really directs the staff Sobchak?

Igor Malashenko — “the wedding General”

In October 2017, Igor Malashenko, was named chief of staff Sobchak. However, after public advertisement itself Malashenko left in the shade. At the headquarters of Facebook new experts, employees who are constantly flashed in the frame on numerous commercials Sobchak, published on her YouTube channel, but no Malashenko. Perhaps the chief of staff chose a non-public format and focuses on the election itself. However, according to the most common version, Malashenko was originally chosen for this role “the wedding General”, which will nominally serve, not to really guide the process. In this regard, in the public field began to appear different versions about who actually runs the campaign. Besides the shadow of the head, there are a number of individuals who are trying to influence the campaign.

Alexei Sitnikov — “runaway strategist”

At the first press conference Sobchak Sitnikov was presented as the head of the field work, which was to be responsible for “offline area”. However, just a week Sitnikov loudly left of staff, taking all of its employees. The official reasons for the departure of the consultant is still unknown, each of the parties to the conflict their own versions. However, as it became known later, the consultant continues to work with Sobchak. According to sources, the AK, it Sitnikov organized the candidate’s participation in the national prayer Breakfast of the United States, which was attended by trump.

The head of a staff Sobchak Sitnikov, of course, is not. However, despite the official departure from the staff, continues to work with Sobchak in different directions.

Anton Krasovsky — a “constant companion”

“I want to present you Anton Krasovsky, who agreed we have to moderate the topic of HIV, and, in General, Anton will help the campaign,” said Sobchak on 24 October 2017 at the presentation of their team. Sources say AK, Krasovsky then touched it a lot, because his plan was not only “the moderation of the topic of HIV.”

Given that Krasovsky was one of the leaders of the presidential campaign of Prokhorov in 2012, he hoped for a more significant role in the campaign, Sobchak. And so it happened. If you watch the video from the series “Кандидат.doc” channel Sobchak, then almost every movie will be present Krasovsky. He was together with Sobchak in the UK, the USA, in the regions of Russia. Perhaps, Krasovsky was not only on the stock Sobchak in Chechnya, because, as he confessed to a journalist, he was afraid of possible consequences for themselves.

It is important that students do not just follow Sobchak at all public events, such as her press Secretary Ksenia Chudinova. He speaks with Sobchak’s speech, gives her important tips on questions and answers. And in the video Sobchak was seen as she a few times word for word repeated recommendations Krasouski. He is the direct chief of staff, but it is closest to the candidate, and his informal influence on the course of the campaign can be much higher than the nominal head.

Demyan Kudryavtsev, the “gray cardinal”

Kudryavtseva from the first days of the campaign, Sobchak suspected of involvement in her nomination. Some anonymous telegram-channels openly declare that Kudryavtsev is the head of the staff: “Despite claims Sobchak “Rain”, he [Kudryavtsev — approx. AK], in fact, the head of its election headquarters, and Malashenko, a figure of absolutely nominal. Igor Evgenyevich too old for these games and the role of the wedding General, he performed great,” according to “training manual”. On the ratings figures Malashenko writes and the channel “Card Konik”, which is supposedly one of the headquarters staff Sobchak.

From the outset, suspicions have arisen due to the activity of “Vedomosti”, which first published an open letter Sobchak on the nomination for the presidency. Then the network users noticed that the publication had a URL with an earlier date. That is, in the edition of may, knew in advance about the impending announcement.

And “Vedomosti” was seen in the extraordinary attention to the campaign Sobchak, other zines such interest did not show.

Kudryavtsev and Sobchak deny that any member of the Board of Directors of “Statements” to the presidential campaign. The reason for such secrecy is that in July 2017 Kudryavtseva has deprived the Russian citizenship. And according to the law on presidential elections, foreign nationals can not participate in the elections: to work members of staff, nor to provide any services. If the fact of participation of a foreign national in the campaign will be proved that Sobchak can withdraw from the election for entirely legitimate reasons.

A train without a driver

If you believe the statements of an anonymous telegram channels and sources from the headquarters of the Sobchak campaign really leads Kudryavtsev. However, due to the fact that he and the whole team needs to hide this fact, for the other actors in the public field opens a window of opportunities.

This window of opportunity everyone is trying to use on its own. Sitnikov tries to return to the campaign at the expense of “aid”, so then you can put another one in the net. As noted by members of the political community, Sitnikov tried to take the credit.

Krasovsky is trying to position itself in the public field as the media Manager of the campaign. It was his words says Sobchak on different esters. Surely, the students will be more active than others to advise Sobchak and during the upcoming debates.

Timur Valeev, who is also one of the most important positions in the headquarters Sobchak is trying to present itself as an effective fieldwork, is able in the shortest possible time to expand the regional grid and to collect the required number of signatures. However, it is clear that he still lacks experience.

Everyone pulls the blanket over himself, trying to demonstrate their critical importance in the campaign. However, it is unclear who is involved in current leadership and rough work. Because of the constant throwing campaign Sobchak looks pretty jerky, without a clear strategy. Today picket in Chechnya, tomorrow the tour in the US, and the day after the failure with the Trustee. The reason for this disorganization is the lack of a clear leader, and the consequence was that for the past 4 months, the rating Sobchak virtually nothing has changed, he is still at 1%, and given the evidence of her disapproval, fundamentally the situation to change will not succeed.

Now managers are trying to assign intangible glory, but after the election they will try to find the guilty and to justify their failures.

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