“Housewives usually infects your husband”

“Housewives usually infects your husband”

Why sexual life of Russians leads to an epidemic of cancer.

Today with cancer live 3,5 million Russians. According to statistics, their number is annually increasing by a half percent. Scientists record that in recent years, in first place in the number of diagnosed cases out cervical cancer. Almost half of the patients are women younger than 35 years. Doctors say that the main reason for this is the sexual life. Can the morality to protect from cancer and what are the preventive measures, “the Tape.ru” said Olga Shipulina — the expert of the Center of molecular diagnostics, Institute of Epidemiology, head of the research group developing new methods of diagnosis of opportunistic and human papillomavirus infections.

“Ribbon.ru” In the press some say that Russia is almost an epidemic of cervical cancer. This is an exaggeration?

Shipulin: In Part. The growth is really big. In ten years — by 25 percent. And most importantly, that the cancer diagnosed in young women from 15 to 40 years. Very often it is detected late. Although cervical cancer is one of those times, when early on he treated quite easily and does not cause consequences. And this is one of the few cancers that can be prevented.

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To be vaccinated. It is proven that cervical cancer is one hundred percent is caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). Today there are more than one hundred types of this virus, but it is believed that cancer can cause 14 of them. Vaccination, depending on the manufacturer, can protect itself from two to nine of the most oncogenic types. In Russia, these vaccines was, but quite expensive. One dose costs about seven thousand rubles. It is recommended that two injections at intervals of a month, but three or more reliable.

Even in Moscow, not everyone will be a 14 thousand for vaccination. For free this will not be vaccinated?

In the national vaccination calendar, it is not included. Perhaps, only in Sverdlovsk area the HPV vaccine included in the regional vaccination calendar, and in some districts of the Moscow region there are programs in which everyone can take such a vaccine.

It is indicated in all?

It is recommended vaccination before they become sexually active. In Russia it is somewhere in the 11-13 years. Usually vaccinated girls. But there are countries where it is recommended to instill in the boys.


Men are carriers of HPV. The virus is transmitted sexually. Therefore, in order to reduce the prevalence, it is necessary to plant both sexes. In addition, HPV can cause other cancers, not just cervical cancer of the anus, penis, larynx. Although the prevalence of these cancers in Russia is quite low, but still.

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One of the arguments of antitreponemal vaccine can make a girl infertile. How it is justified?

It’s hard to imagine a mechanism by which disturbed reproductive function. The vaccine is not a virus. It is an artificial construct that vylivaetsya under the skin in the arm or shoulder. Where will the infertility? My daughter vaccinated I did. In addition, in many countries, the vaccine has long been used. If such side effects were — they would have spoken up.