“Selfie takes more than an hour”. How to make money on YouTube and Instagram

“Selfie takes more than an hour”. How to make money on YouTube and Instagram

MOSCOW, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti, Igor Karmazin, Natalia Dembinski. Social networks have long been used not only for correspondence: politicians make public statements there, the stars of show business and talk to fans and entrepreneurs to sell their wares.

Especially popular resources to embed photos and videos — Instagram and YouTube. In addition, they have also become the means of income. RIA Novosti understood as lovers of social networks monetize their hobby.

NewsPersonal experience: how to make a photo for Instagram and collect a lot of likes

Not only half naked girls

Russia ranks fifth in the world in the number of users of Instagram. The social network was every tenth citizen of the country, there are about 14 million people. Most Muscovites — one in four. In St. Petersburg every fifth. On average, bloggers come check updates 16 times a day.

Page on Instagram — this kind of visit card of a person, and an important channel of sales of goods and services. Money bloggers bringing thousands of users signed into their personal accounts. Some people think that everything is simple: spend a little time and effort to the promotion of the account and the money poured in. Of course, it is not. Many, however, do still not understand how ordinary people make in social networks.

The easiest way to achieve popularity is to publish pictures of half-naked girls? Experienced bloggers say that you can do without it.

“Attention should be paid to detail. You need to immediately determine the subject of the page, consider your style. Perhaps we should always use personal hashtags to repeat some of the characteristic phrases of greeting. It is necessary to withstand a certain direction, to prevent sharp transitions. For example, if we are talking about beauty-related topics, it is not necessary to switch to the tips on business or review gadgets. It may alienate readers,” recommends the expert on the promotion in Instagram Elena Piskareva.

Likes more, the prices below

In profile it is important to introduce yourself and tell us briefly about yourself. Photos and videos it is advisable to publish in the most active time. This is usually morning or early evening when the working day ends. “It is necessary to communicate with subscribers in the comments, people are so interesting. The photos should be beautiful. A selfie should be done in good light and in a great mood. I sometimes takes more than an hour for one good shot” — reveals its secrets makeup artist from Ulyanovsk Alla Dvorackova.

Piskareva notes that recently, the confidence of advertisers to the users have fallen due to mass application services for likes and followers. Accordingly, the possibility of monetization has decreased.

“If you think about the price, I would advise the account with 10 thousand subscribers to focus on three thousand roubles for publishing subject to the availability of good content and involved audiences. A year and a half ago paid five to eight thousand. Also not ruled out a barter,” she explains.

Publication of the DIARY HACHA (AMIRAN SARDAROV) (@dnevn1k.hacha) Jan 20, 2018 5:04 PST

In pursuit of TV

YouTube has replaced TV for many Russians. Russia generates on video about half a billion hits a day. More than 50% of Russian YouTube viewers from 25 to 44 years. It is economically the most active audience, and it is very attractive for many brands.

The leaders of the service for monetization of bloggers to test video games, performing in the genre of stand-up and filming videos on how to use cosmetics.

According to the Russian research Agency bloggers (RIABA), in the second half of 2017 the most successful utubecom became Valentin Petukhov (Wylsacom) that publish reviews of the smartphones and other gadgets. In six months he earned almost 28 million rubles.

Publication from I | Ivan Rudskoy (@boredoneguy) Aug 1, 2017 at 2:03 PDT

Second place — the author of “the Diary Hacha” Amiran Sardarov, shooting stories on different themes with participation of stars of show business. In his videos he advertises banks and entertainment facilities, his income for six months amounted to 27.3 million rubles. The three leaders also Nikolay Sobolev. Its customers are — online games, cashback services and online shopping. On advertising, he earned 26 million rubles.

It is clear that the main guarantee of popularity is an interesting and quality content. However, only the number of likes and views is not limited. YouTube administration and potential advertisers pay attention to audience retention. It is important for people as long as possible, watched videos and gone from the site. Take into account the share of the audience, not posmotrevshih video to the end, these figures compare rollers have the same length.

In this sense, it is best to record a short video. To increase audience retention into long, 7-9 minute videos can be at the expense of quality content. Very long video — 15-30 minutes — I don’t recommend it.Sergei Arhangelskii books “Promotion and promotion in YouTube”

An important role is also played by a catchy title, complete description, vivid and attractive preview clip. To promote video tops useful user activity — likes, adding to favorites, comments. In addition, you must follow the rules of YouTube: it is forbidden to cheat hits, you can’t put trash content, promote violence, infringe copyright. For any violation of the imposed so-called strike, that is a warning. After three strikes ban your channel. It is not surprising that competing bloggers often complain about each other.

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