Clip from “cool bummer man” pushed the Russians to revelation

Clip from “cool bummer man” pushed the Russians to revelation

The network is gaining popularity video creative team from Kirov called “the Girl abruptly broke off the guy. 18+”, in which the heroine refuses to communicate with new friends due to the fact that he did not vote in the elections.

In the video the girl breaks the kiss with a guy in the club the question, is he old enough and whether voting in the elections. Once the companion recognizes that it is not done, the heroine of the it “sews”. The creators of the video explained that did it, because they “got dull political advertising in recent years”. The publication has already gathered over 600 thousand views on YouTube and over a million in “Vkontakte”.

The original idea kirovchan has pushed the magazine Maxim to run flash mob among Russian users: they were asked to share the unfortunate moments from his personal life under the hashtag #Mandali.

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The flash mob was joined by the popular Russian users: their stories of failures told journalists Maxim Kononenko and Igor Maltsev, writers Mitya Samoylov, Victoria Samson and Alexander Gutin and also the authors of the Telegram channels “the Cabinet of Cytology”, “Guard” and “notes of a young doctor”.