Went to the Ukraine — lost pension. A veteran of the war three years proves that the living

Went to the Ukraine — lost pension. A veteran of the war three years proves that the living

95-year-old war veteran tries to prove to Rostov Pension Fund that it was illegally deprived of pension payments. The struggle is for three years, and is not in its favor.

Tatyana Petrovna Milokost is now 95 years old, she is a participant of the great Patriotic war. In the village Chertkovo in Rostov region it is registered from 1966, the year, but municipal conditions are bad there, so winter had to go live to the only daughter in the Ukrainian Nikolayev. And then had to move on permanently, tells her granddaughter Catherine Shchelokov.

“In 2005, she was 83 years old, she suffered something like a stroke has stopped working the left arm and leg. And the pension began to receive by power of attorney my mother. It is once a year here in Sochi, received a pension. Did not arise from the Pension Fund no questions until 2015. And in February 2015 they silently ceased to have pension. Instead of saying that we won’t have to pay, they were required different papers: a notarized certificate of being alive, there, medical certificates, passport copy. All was provided. And in the end they turned us down, accusing it of false registration. Tried twice to initiate criminal proceedings against her because of bogus check, it turns out, is a felony. Neither the police nor the Prosecutor’s office no reason is not found.”

According to the granddaughter of the pensioner, from February 2015, the Pension Fund owed her about eight hundred thousand. The court of the settlement Chertkovo ruled in favor of grandmother, but the Pension Fund filed an appeal, the Rostov regional court took his side. Says Shchelokov, the court’s decision, the representatives of the FIU met with applause.

Why FIU rights, explains the head of Department of the Pension Fund of the village Chertkovo in Rostov region Evgeny Zhukov.