Tatarstan President can change the post

Tatarstan President can change the post

The state Council of Tatarstan has created a working group that will deal with the adjustment of the regional Constitution. The group will prepare a proposal to rename the post of President of the Republic. From this post of Tatarstan, according to the Federal law were to decline by 2016. Kommersant’s source in the Council said that “the issue of presidency,” the Parliament has not yet been considered. Experts believe that to change the Constitution, “aktiviziruyutsya” if you insist the Federal center.

On the establishment of the working group on drafting the law “On the Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan” regional prosecutors said in a letter to the Deputy of city Council of Naberezhnye Chelny, Sergey Yakovlev. At the end of 2017, he requested Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to oblige the authorities of Tatarstan the Constitution to bring the region into compliance with Federal law, “eliminating the further use of the name of the head of the region, “President””. In reply to the Supervisory authority States that the name “President” established the Constitution of the Republic.

The Prosecutor’s office sent to the speaker of state Council Farid Mukhametshin information “about the necessity of taking measures to meet” its standards into compliance with Federal law. The prosecutors say that this work “is carried out by Parliament”. The working group was created to “ensure an integrated approach to the adjustment of Constitution”.

Vice-speaker of Parliament Yury Kamaltynov told “Kommersant” that “this group of long-established”. Deputy head of Committee on legality, law and order, Rafil Nugumanov said that knows nothing about the working group: “If she is, then I am not. There is a saying: do not scratch where it does not itch. So I don’t scratch where it itches”. “I don’t know anything about it. We were not invited”, — said “Kommersant” member of the Communist party Artem Prokofiev.

However, Kommersant’s source close to the leadership of the state Council, said that “there is no constitutional Commission no” and is “working group on monitoring Federal and state legislation.”