“Roscosmos” has devised a system of “friend or foe” for satellites

“Roscosmos” has devised a system of “friend or foe” for satellites

The special coating of space vehicles will allow to determine the country of origin.

Russia has proposed the method for identification of SPACECRAFT (SC) into earth orbit. Head of the scientific Institute of the state Corporation Roscosmos — TsNIIMash offers in the manufacture of satellites to add to the case material or applied to its surface a special substance. In its chemical composition will be encoded the country owner and tasks of the spacecraft. You can read the information is a laser beam from the ground stations. If, for example, the collision of satellites in orbit that will allow us to identify unit-the offender and to prove the guilt of the host country.

Today the responsibility of the Institute is the automated system warning of dangerous situations in near-earth space. As told “Izvestia”, its representatives, has patented a method of identification of satellites and their parts.

On the outer and inner surface of the body of the SPACECRAFT, the solar battery is proposed to apply a special reflective coating. In its chemical composition to encode information about the country that launched Sputnik into orbit, the appointment of KA, its name, etc.

Apply a special coating on the inner elements of the SPACECRAFT are proposed to ensure that in case of its destruction to determine the identity of the wreckage, and possibly the cause of the accident. To read information can be, illuminating the moon’s surface with a laser from the ground observation stations. The necessary funds are available, for example, in the Altay optic-laser center named after Titov.

— The invention can serve as a basis for developing a draft international agreement about the identification marking of space vehicles. This will improve the level of trust and transparency in space activities, — told “Izvestia” in TsNIIMash. — Growing political and economic conditions it may become a promising initiative of Russia and a means of improving the reliability of space technology.

The need for a new method of identification of satellites and debris, the experts of the TsNIIMash explain that to observe the environment in near-earth space using telescopes and optics is becoming increasingly difficult.