The birth of an octopus: amazing video

The birth of an octopus: amazing video

Short video showing the birth of a Caribbean reef octopus (Octopus briareus), viewed more than 1.5 million people.

The video was published aquarium and marine science center of Virginia (Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center) last week. According to Julie Levans (Julie Levans), employees of the centre, this is the first attempt of removing octopuses in the aquarium. In addition to cub, shown in the video, a little earlier, were born also 15-20 octopus, the words Levans The Washington Post.

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— Virginia Aquarium (@VAAquarium) 7 Feb 2018

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Octopus emerges from the egg, which is “glued” to bunches, reminiscent of a flower. However, he almost immediately changes his colorless color and acquires a brownish tint. According to the aquarium staff, this is not unusual and probably due to stress at birth: he can lead chromatophores (cells containing pigment) in the excitation.