Lightning struck the B-52 bomber, a hole the size of a man

Lightning struck the B-52 bomber, a hole the size of a man

MOSCOW, February 13 — RIA Novosti. Mechanics air force base Barksdale in Louisiana had to replace the tail of the B-52 bomber after a lightning strike on the aircraft, according to The Aviationist.

The incident occurred on December 19, however the information on incident has appeared recently. As the newspaper notes, the shot happened when the B-52 was landing. Already on the ground crew found the plane’s tail hole the size of a human body.

It is noted that the impact was so strong that lightning rod and shock-proof systems of the bomber were useless.

“We had to do a complete replacement of the tail, and is the first such case in 15 years that I work with these aircraft”, — quotes the portal words of the Sergeant, U.S. air force, mechanic B-52’s Eric Allison.

In the end, experts found on the damaged bomber tail from decommissioned aircraft.

Multifunctional heavy bomber of the second generation B-52 Stratofortress is in service with the us air force since 1955. The plane is still the main long-range bomber aviation of the air force, the plans change it should the bomber B-21 Raider, which the Pentagon plans to get in the middle of the 2020-ies.