The CEC demanded Grudinina urgently to report on the closure of foreign accounts

The CEC demanded Grudinina urgently to report on the closure of foreign accounts

The Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova has asked the presidential candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina urgently to provide data on the closure of its foreign accounts.

About the closing of foreign accounts of Mr. Grudinina, the CEC called “extremely unpleasant”. “This is what we have: Pavel Nikolaevich mostly party pleads” she said.

“I hope that dear Pavel how dear candidate, registered, and there is no doubt that we will participate in this election campaign, will show maximum respect to more than 100 million voters and as quickly as possible… provide us evidence that the accounts are closed,” said Mrs. Pamfilova.

On 2 February the Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Nikolai Bulaev reported that Mr. Grudinin has not notified the tax office that they have a few not until the end of the closed foreign accounts. The next day, the head a press-services of Communist party Alexander Yushchenko promised that Pavel Grudinin will soon provide this data.

January 30 election headquarters of the Communist party asked the CEC and the Prosecutor General to evaluate the performance of the channels in the first month of the campaign. The Communists believe that the media had violated the principle of equality in the coverage of activities of presidential candidates. In one of the TV stories the conversation was about foreign accounts of Pavel Grudinina.

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