On a place of wreck of An-148 are continuing search operations

On a place of wreck of An-148 are continuing search operations

On a place of wreck of plane An-148 of airline “Saratov airlines” in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region are continuing search operations. The rescue operation is completed tonight.

The crash of An-148 in the suburbs. Official информация8-800-775-17-17″Hot line” for the plane crash in ПодмосковьеПодробнее8-495-983-79-01Справочная MOE России8-499-216-99-99Единый “telephone hotline” of EMERCOM России8-498-505-41-70″the Telephone hotline” of EMERCOM RF, Moscow области8-3532-308-999″hotline” of the operational headquarters EMERCOM in the Orenburg области11 February 2018 passenger An-148 aircraft disappeared from radar screens after taking off from Moscow to Orsk. Later in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region were found fragments of the aircraft. On Board were 71 people.

  • The list of passengers and crew members of the crashed aircraft An-148


Now rescuers conduct a continuous survey of the territory on the site of the crash. The search area is divided into squares.

“At the moment the crash area surveyed by drones, now rescuers conduct a continuous survey of the territory. They lined up and thoroughly examine the entire area,” — said in the MOE. On a place of wreck of An-148 employs 780 people and 175 pieces of equipment, including nine drones.

Rescuers found that the An-148 crashed at 200 m North of the village Stepanovskoe, and the wreckage scattered over an area of 30 hectares.

A search operation has already brought the first results: found the black box of the An-148. He, according to the MOE, in a satisfactory condition. “RIA Novosti” reported that the first recorder was found yesterday, he was recording flight parameters of the aircraft. However, the “Interfax” reports that the first flight data recorder was found today, yesterday and discovered the subject had “no relationship” to the black boxes.

The accident occurred yesterday. All aboard the plane with 65 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. TFR opened a criminal case on violation of safety rules of operation of air transport Prosecutor’s office began checking the incident.

Authorities in Saratov region will pay 1 million rubles to the families of the four crew members. Moscow authorities will pay compensation to the relatives of 11 of the Muscovites who were onboard An-148. According to the mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin, the families of the victims will have “additional one-time assistance” and “targeted social support”, but the specific amounts are not given.

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According to health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, to find the remains of those killed in the crash will be about a week. “Yesterday at the scene, the Director of our Federal center of forensic medical examination was organized collection of the remains of the victims. This process is quite long, for probably about seven days the remains will be collected”, — quotes “Prime” the words.

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