Giant boar Bugzilla scared children in Hong Kong

Giant boar Bugzilla scared children in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a huge boar looted the dumpster a few meters from a primary school. The video of the incident drew attention to the publication the Mirror.

The locals called boar Philoi (from the word pig is a pig and the name of the Japanese movie monster about Godzilla). Movie filmed frightened parents on the way to school.


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Next to the wild boar had several small hogs, perhaps its cubs. What sex the animal was, is unknown: some journalists called it a male because of gigantic proportions, the other a female, as males leave the babies at an early age.

The video has gained more than 300 thousand views, commentators have expressed concern about the safety of children and noted that boars have to look for food in the trash because of bad ecological situation.