The flight lasted four minutes

The flight lasted four minutes

What is known about the crash of flight Moscow—Orsk.


The fire in the engine, a faulty speed sensor, possible icing and pilot error is believed to be the most likely causes of the crash of An-148 “Saratov airlines”, which took place on Sunday in Moscow and claimed the lives of six crew members and 65 passengers.

The events developed so rapidly that the crew did not report any problems to dispatchers or to try to make an emergency landing. The attack is considered unlikely, but even preliminary conclusions can be made only after a careful examination of the wreckage and examination of records of black boxes.

Sunday until late in the evening, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor’s office worked in the company “Saratov airlines” airports of Domodedovo and Orsk and PJSC “Voronezh aircraft manufacturing Association”. Withdrawn operational documentation on the crashed An-148 (Board room 61704, released in 2010), investigators began to interview the staff of the airport, prepared the plane for departure, and air traffic controllers.

“Investigators will examine all possible versions of the crash, including weather conditions, human factor, technical condition of the plane and other possible scenarios,” — said in the TFR. “The audit will assess compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the course of maintenance of aircraft, work of dispatcher and ground services,” — said the Prosecutor’s office.

A criminal case was opened under part 3 St. 263 criminal code (violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons). By order of Alexander Bastrykin, visited the place of the accident, the case will be handled by one of the investigators for especially important cases under the Chairman of the TFR, it also attracted specialists of the Main Directorate of criminalistics of the Ministry, “having experience in investigation of aircraft accidents”.

According to sources, “b”, on Sunday law enforcement was not yet enough information to make a priority version of the disaster.

6W 703 flight Moscow—Orsk on the schedule was to depart at 14:00, however, cleared for takeoff got delayed and the plane took off, according to militiamen, at 14:24. The flight lasted a few minutes, all this time the crew showed no concern.

As evidenced by the audio recording of negotiations of the pilot with control room, reports of any problems with the aircraft dispatchers did not, and could not hear the cries of despair, showing that the crew suddenly caught in an extraordinary situation — the plane simply did not respond to queries that in the past ten seconds he had already submitted and with neighbouring aerodromes including and Zhukovsky.

The radar has recorded some strangeness in the behavior of the aircraft immediately before the crash.

Gaining altitude of about 1,800 m and a speed of about 600 km/h, the plane suddenly “dived” down to 1500 m, then up high and immediately collapsed to the ground. The last time he was seen on the screens at 14:28 at the height of about 900 m.

Soon the wreckage was spotted from the air in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region, near the village Stepanovskoe. Arrived at the scene a total of about 600 rescuers who began searching the bodies.

On Board the An-148 were six crew members — aircraft commander Valery Gubanov, the second pilot Sergey Gambaryan, flight Oleg Sergeyev and Andrey Ryabinin and flight attendants Anastasia and Victoria Slavinskaya COBOL and 65 passengers, including three minors. With this hitting the ground chances to survive at them was not.

As reported in “the Saratov airlines”, the crew commander Valery Gubanov had solid experience: total flight time it was 5 thousand hours on the An-148 — 2800 hours. To transition in civil aviation, he served in the military, participated in combat. From the second pilot experience was not enough, Sergei Ghambaryan had on your account, and 812 flight hours, however, did this fact somehow influence the actions of the crew, might be possible only after decoding of black boxes.

So, eliminated the possibility of in-flight refueling poor fuel: it is Sunday refueled dozens of boards, and none had any problems. Not found the emergency workers at the scene and the wreckage of another aircraft, which could face the plane. The more that the An-148 was equipped with a collision avoidance TCAS, and of approaching danger, the crew surely would have warned air traffic controllers.

While the most likely sources and respondents ‘ b ‘ experts believe several versions. One of them is instant destruction of the engine during the flight. Note that in this case the blades of the engine can in a matter of seconds to destroy the fuselage, then the plane will crash to the ground. Indirect confirmation of this version are the and footage from the scene of the tragedy rescuers have found the ruined engine An-148.

I must say that the incidents with the engines of the aircraft An-148 in past years has happened many times, but tragic consequences are not given.

For example, in 2010 during a flight Saint Petersburg—Samara occurred-termination of the engine due to extinction of the combustion chamber in contact with it rain. In the same year, during the flight on the route Borispol—Vilnius at the initial stage of landing, the crew shut off the left engine because of the alarm about its malfunction. The reason — the destruction of the drive gear of the generator.

NewsHow does the black box of the aircraft. All the details

To obtain any comment from the Ukrainian producer of engines for An-148 on Sunday failed. As the interlocutor of Kommersant, close to the Ministry of transport of Ukraine said: “Ukraine is not responsible for what happens as firm Antonov. Because of the rupture of economic ties of Ukraine and Russia extending the resource Anov, operating in Russia, does the Russian side. So it was during the crash of An-148 in the Belgorod region in 2011.”

We will note that militiamen have found one detail: about a year ago, experts of Rostransnadzor found that the oil in the gearboxes side 61704 replaced and rinsing the oil filters was carried out only once for 750 flying hours — twice less in comparison with the standard time.

In addition, said the source “Kommersant”, it is impossible to exclude and the icing of aircraft in flight. Although, as already established law enforcement was on Board made all the necessary preflight activities, crew commander refused to carry out de-icing work. This is because the weather allows it. Besides the icing of the aircraft, usually occurs immediately after takeoff, not after a few minutes. But unstable weather, according to respondents, “b”, could make unexpected adjustments.

Finally, Kommersant’s sources believe that it is impossible to exclude the possibility of failure of the speed indicator of the aircraft, as happened at the An-148 in a crash in 2011 (killed the crew of six people). Then, focusing on low speed readings, the pilot increased the speed until the plane didn’t caught fire the engines. After that, the plane began to fall apart in the air.

The version of the attack is not considered among the major, although not discarded completely. Even the most preliminary conclusions on this score can be done after the initial studies of the black boxes (on Sunday at the crash site was found by one of them) and survey the wreckage of the aircraft in the presence of explosive residue. In addition, experts note that suicide bombers are usually waiting for the moment when they are given the opportunity to get up from the chair and to step aside in order to commit a suicide bombing.

Note that almost all interviewed residents nearby to the accident site settlements say that they heard the explosion, but he is said to Kommersant’s sources, almost certainly occurred in the detonation of fuel tanks when you fall to the ground. The fact that the flight to Orsk took about two hours, necessary to complete the filling was not so in the tanks, most likely, was an explosive air / fuel mixture.

Meanwhile, at the airport Orsk on Sunday until the evening there were more than hundreds of relatives of those killed in the crash. Many had to call an ambulance, with them psychologists work. Relatives of the victims warned that they will have to give blood for DNA identification of the victims.

Meanwhile the company “the alpha-insurance” (the insurance provides protection of airline “Saratov airlines”) announced: “In accordance with the current legislation, JSC “alpha insurance” will pay insurance indemnity to the relatives of those killed in the crash. According to FZ-67 on compulsory insurance of carriers ‘liability, relatives of the dead passengers be paid compensation in the amount of 2 025 000 RUB”.

Even a million rubles to families of victims will allocate authorities of the Orenburg and Moscow regions. In the Orenburg region on Monday mourning. Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled a scheduled Monday trip to Sochi in connection with the tragedy and the possible need for coordination of the work of the government Commission. This was reported by press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Alexander Alexandrov; Yanina Sokolovskaya, Kyiv; Olena Vavina, Vyacheslav Sorokin, Samara