New York will sue the Weinstein company

New York will sue the Weinstein company

The Studio accused of failing to protect employees from harassment.

Moscow. 12 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Prosecutors in new York filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company, owned by the infamous producer Harvey Weinstein, said on Monday BBC News.

The lawsuit is also directed personally against Harvey Weinstein and his brother Robert as the founders of the Studio. It argues that Harvey Weinstein has subjected its female employees to sexual harassment and brutally treated for long years.

Studio executives are charged that are unable to prevent such things, despite the fact that they were presented with the evidence. The Prosecutor of new York Eric Schneiderman claims that the employee had received threats of killing them and the whole family forced into sex for a promotion. From drivers supposedly required to keep the machines condoms and means to enhance sexual activity, and assistant managers assigned in the schedule under “employees to have sex”. Presumably, in the employment contracts there was a clause on financial penalties for complaints of ill-treatment.

Lawyer Harvey Weinstein Ben Brafman said that his client was not innocent, but did not commit criminal acts. According to him, Harvey Weinstein has led to senior positions in their company are more women than other leading film producers.

Many Actresses has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape at the end of last year. It cost the famous Hollywood producer places the private companies and large financial losses.

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