The state Duma and the Federation Council agreed to Petrovka

The state Duma and the Federation Council agreed to Petrovka

Training hunting dogs allowed “ways that do not allow cruelty to animals and harm them physically”, and if restricted their freedom of movement, “used wall construction.” This is stated in the amendments to the hunting law, approved yesterday by the conciliation Commission. The head of the profile Committee of the state Duma Nikolay Nikolaev explains that testing and training station (its) will be able to prepare the dogs through the fence. From the effect of the amendments was able to bring a number of breeds which can be trained on the beast, are “natural freedom”, stresses the Chairman of the relevant Committee of the Federation Council (SF) Vladimir Lebedev.

The conciliation Commission on revision of the law on contact Petrovka hunting dogs yesterday signed an agreed version of amendments. The document States that the preparation and training of dogs of hunting breeds are permitted “only in the hunting grounds and only in ways that do not allow cruelty to animals and harm them physically”. If limited to “freedom of movement”, “the area of independent movement” or “protective functions” animals “are used in wall construction.” The use of them will determine the Ministry of environment. The Commission also agreed not to distribute the effect of the amendments on birds of prey.

The law, recall, was developed by the group of deputies led by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. The original version, he suggested a complete ban contact pritravki — that is, as wrote “Kommersant”, and was the cause of his rejection by the Federation Council. A complete rejection of contact will negate the effectiveness of dogs, and “full hunt” without them can not be told “Kommersant” in SF.

The work of the conciliation Committee allowed “to improve the quality of the law”, while fully preserving its concept, said yesterday Nikolay Nikolaev. Dog training on its will now be possible only in a contactless manner, he explained, “that is, if the corresponding protective structures that should not only eliminate abuse, but in principle any physical harm.”

“The original wording did not take into account the variety of animals and breeds of dogs” and forbade contact Petrovka for all, said Vladimir Lebedev. Now from-under actions of the law bred dogs that “work and train” field: “all types of gundogs, hounds it, it likes. Hounds, for example, is removed in the field and prepare for a hare — there is no other constructions are not necessary, they are limited in movement, they will.” According to the Senator, “the text is balanced and satisfies both parties”: “the Law does not allow cruel treatment of animals and places no obstacles in the training of dogs to hunt”.

Note that in SF the day before the rejection of the law also stated that it will not work against wild animals, as in section 3 of article 4 of the law “On hunting” (amended), States that its action “does not apply to the relations connected with use and protection of wild animals in captivity”.

Nikolai Nikolaev told “Kommersant” that the Commission has discussed the compliance of the amendments to this regulation, but have not found conflicts. According to him, in clause 3, article 4 of the law refers to “regulation for wild animals”, and in the articles, which considered conciliation Commission, “regulated dog”. The senators also pointed to the fact that the bill is not passed discussion in the regions.