ASI: services to optimize the learning will develop in the framework of the forum “Mentor»

ASI: services to optimize the learning will develop in the framework of the forum “Mentor»

Services for the selection of mentors and optimization of the process of teaching and learning will develop in the framework of the first all-Russian forum “Mentor”. To work in this direction will be focused hackathon Mentorhack, told TASS Director General of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) Svetlana Cumshewa.

“Mentor” — the first national forum aimed at developing the professional environment of mentorship in Russia. It will be held from 13 to 15 February at the site 75 of the VDNH pavilion in Moscow. The forum is aimed at the formation of the state support program of mentoring, and selection of best practices for their implementation in the regions of the country. The forum is an ASI, General information partner — news Agency TASS.

The hackathon will become a separate track of the forum. His goal is to create IT solutions for the development of the movement. Hackathon participants will be offered to develop services for the recruitment and selection of mentors, tracking of performance and process improvement mentoring.Svetlana Cumshewa

According to the head of ASI, one of the results of the hackathon may be creating a service for the selection of mentor for a young specialist on the basis of the received summary or description of a startup. Teams can also try to develop a system that helps to choose a supervisor from a database or the world’s scientists to find a programmer for the company’s coding style. Also, the development could help the Manager to assemble a team for a specific project to offer the employee’s individual career path and training in a company or to write a summary of a working meeting, fixing the main agreements and decisions.

Cumshewa said that the work teams will be allotted 48 hours non-stop with two check-points (the point at which a fixed result, — approx. TASS), during which participants demonstrate the prototypes of experts and receive feedback. “The teams that successfully pass both the checkpoint and will present projects to the jury and will compete for a prize Fund in size 1 million roubles, as well as prizes from partners and the opportunity to attract investment in the project,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

A participant of the hackathon is open to anyone over 16 years old. Applications will be accepted until February 8.

Recipe of mentoring

According to Courseway, the word “mentor”, which issued in the name of the forum, means the person who “passes his ward or wards of the knowledge, skill, experience, one who directs, advises, and supports.”

She noted that the main task of the mentor is to find and develop the inherent in man’s talent, highlight strengths and that they make a bet. The head of the ASI believes there is no single correct recipe for how to most effectively transfer knowledge from teacher to student.

“There is no single recipe, but there are many examples of unique, effective solutions that we want to find during our contest and to submit to the Federal forum “Mentor”, and then in the district forums. There are many good corporate mentoring programs, defined in internal documents — operating in NPO “Saturn” or the program “the Future of white metallurgy” in the CHTPZ for students of Pervouralsk metallurgical College. In JSC “Company Sukhoi” has developed a special matrix for the selection of mentors,” she said.

Cumshewa added — there are a lot of projects built on pure enthusiasm and designed for children. As an example, she cites Samara Studio “Friend”, whose leader Liliya Tarasova more than 50 years, teaches the children to journalism. “Or Nicholas Varuhin from Veliky Novgorod, which, together with the guys from his young sailors Club for the past few decades repairing old ships and goes in flight. Another example is a teacher Leonid Bakulin from Nizhneudinsk, Irkutsk region, organized in the boarding school club “Young railwayman” she said.

The head of the ASI believes that the range of areas in which mentors can pass on their experience, extensive: it can be work in manufacturing, business, social projects, education, sectarian movement. All of these areas presented in the competition “Best practices in mentoring”.

Choosing the best mentor

During the forum, winners will be chosen among the mentors in the manufacturing, business and entrepreneurship, social sphere, education, and sectarian movement. Provided a separate category of “Children teach children” where teachers are the children. Also established two personal nomination — Grand Prix “Mentor of the year” for ascetics, released several generations of young professionals, “Head of the year” for the Directors of enterprises, personally involved in mentoring.