Peskov confirmed that the President received “a list of Titova»

Peskov confirmed that the President received “a list of Titova»

Press Secretary of the head of state noted that each case requires separate consideration.

The administration of the President received compiled by business Ombudsman Boris Titov list of overseas Russian businessmen who expressed a desire to return to Russia. This was reported by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He noted that each case requires separate consideration.

“Indeed, this letter and the list of these entrepreneurs really came in last night,” he said.

He just got here, so of course it will take time to work through. But, certainly, there some common approach can hardly be expected. Here each case is unique and each deserves some attention to understand what had really happened, why people for whatever reasons do not live in Russia, how to deal with it further.

Peskov stressed that each case should be explored individually.

“A List Of Titova»

The list of businessmen who would like to return from Britain to Russia, prepared by the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, is composed of 16 names, to the document at the disposal of TASS. On Saturday the Commissioner of the President of the Russian Federation on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights, the leader of the Party of growth Boris Titov told reporters in London that Russian President Vladimir Putin handed over the list of entrepreneurs from Russia who want to return home, but hiding in the UK from Russian justice.

According to the Ombudsman, court cases, these businessmen can be subjected to revision. Titov said earlier that it will apply for delisting of the Interpol of those entrepreneurs whose guilt has not seem him proven.

In the list prepared by Titov, became Alexey Shmatko (the businessman from Penza, in 2012 was declared internationally wanted on charges of fraud in an organized group in especially large size), Azamat Bulguchev (was the Director of “Ural-Volga construction company”), Sergey Kapchuk (former member of the house of representatives of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region, against which instituted criminal case of fraud with the purchase of an apartment in Moscow over 2 billion rubles), Georgy Trefilov (founder and former co-owner of bankrupt holding company “Marta”), Alexey Bazhanov (former Deputy Minister of agriculture), Vasyl Dyakun (ex-Deputy Director of Omsk “support Center building complex of the First Guild of builders”).

The list also included Constantine Dulgerov (founder of the retail chain for the sale of consumer goods in Nizhnevartovsk, against which in 2010 initiated a criminal investigation for fraud) and Rostov entrepreneur Andrew Kokovkin.

In addition, the list — the former management company “Kvartstroy” from Nizhny Novgorod Alexander delis, Pavel Vlasyuk, Alexander Baigushev, which, as can be seen from the local media, was wanted in criminal cases on the fact of illegal investors.