In the Russian army will be recreated the governing political body

In the Russian army will be recreated the governing political body

Moscow. 5 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Main military-political management that is envisioned in the Russian army, will be established on the basis of existing educational structures, have informed “Interfax” on Monday the Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Kanshin.

“An organizational-political and ideological authority it is expedient to form on the basis of the current Chief of Department on work with personnel (GURLS) of the Armed forces, the successor of the former Central Board of educational work”, — said Kenshin.

The new main military-ideological control, — he said — should have a large enough authority and have strict vertical structure in the scale of the Armed forces, from company to branches of the armed forces to focus on the Ministry of defense of Russia.Alexander Consentaneously of the Public Council under the defense Ministry

Thus the interlocutor of the Agency stressed that it must be not a simple renaming GURLS.

“In the global information-psychological warfare is immeasurable, the role of moral-political unity of the army and society. Therefore, the need for radical restructuring and a significant strengthening of the entire structure of the Armed forces that will organize, conduct and be responsible for moral and ideological component in the Russian army, carefully take into account in its activities the political situation in the country, skillfully direct the energy bands of the army to strengthen the country’s defense capability and increasing combat readiness of troops”, — said Kenshin.

He recalled that for the first time in the Russian army political authorities was created in August 1917, and then this experience was demanded and implemented in the Armed forces of the USSR.