Japan launched the smallest booster

Japan launched the smallest booster

In Japan launched the world’s smallest rocket SS-520 weighing just three pounds. This was reported on the official website of Nasa.

Experimental launch was held this morning from the spaceport Uchinoura in Kagoshima Prefecture on the Pacific ocean. It is reported that if the launch is successful, the carrier will be the smallest of carrying an artificial satellite into orbit.

World’s Smallest Launch Vehicle Ready for Second Attempt at Reaching Orbit – https://t.co/3qUlMSWBju #SS520 pic.twitter.com/h8b7wzcBS2

— Spaceflight101 (@Spaceflight101) on 2 February 2018.

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Initially, the SS-520 was supposed to be the sound of the missile and to deliver the instruments for suborbital studies to a height of up to 800 kilometers.

LAUNCH!!! A Japanese SS-520-5 rocket launches from the Uchinoura Space Center carrying Tricom-1R. pic.twitter.com/xY3XkC17bi

— Michael Baylor (@nextspaceflight) 3 Feb 2018

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The launch of the SS-520 on Saturday was the fourth in a row. For the first time such a rocket was sent into space in February 1998. The previous attempt took place a year ago. Then, the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) announced that the run media failed. After 20 seconds after takeoff, communication with him was lost.