In New Zealand, he died a lonely Gannet Nigel

In New Zealand, he died a lonely Gannet Nigel

He lived for five years on a desert island, with only a few weeks ago acquired neighbours.

Moscow. 2 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — a Lone Gannet Nigel died on uninhabited new Zealand island of Mana, the Guardian writes.

In 2013, Nigel became the first in 40 years individual gannets that settled on the island of Mana. To attract the attention of birds and increase the population on the island was established 80 concrete figures of gannets with integrated speakers powered by solar energy, through which played the voices of birds. However, Nigel was left alone, the newspaper reports.

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As told the newspaper an employee of the Department of conservation Chris bell (SG Bell), Nigel found a girlfriend among the concrete sculptures, and year after year unanswered cared for her and were busy setting up nests.

Just a few weeks ago to Nigel finally joined by the three gannets, but, according to The Guardian, a common language with them he was never found, preferring to communicate with a concrete birds.

According to bell, Nigel’s life was not in vain, as gannets prefer to choose places where their relatives already gnezdovoi before, and, thus, a solitary bird made its contribution to the expansion of the population of gannets on Mana island.

Gannets are large sea birds, they nest in colonies and primarily live on the Islands and coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.