At MSU found a way to beat cancer

At MSU found a way to beat cancer

Biologists of Moscow state University opened a “molecular timer” — a special mechanism of regulation of protein synthesis, which prevents formation of abnormal molecules with stalled ribosomes. According to scientists, the discovery might help to develop therapeutic methods to fight cancer tumors. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru.»

The direct product of the active genes is the molecule messenger RNA (mRNA), which contains the noncoding region. Although they are not encoded information about the amino acid sequence of the protein, these regions regulate the life cycle of the molecule. To noncoding sections are also joined by other proteins or short RNA that inhibit or stimulate protein synthesis.

“Molecular timer” was discovered in the study of translation regulation of protein Amd1. In the corresponding mRNA is a stop codon- a triplet (three) of nucleotides that interrupt protein synthesis by the ribosome. However, in rare cases, the ribosome could recognize a stop codon as the amino acid and move on. After stop-codon in mRNA Amd1 protein contains a signal jam, which does not allow the ribosome to move. This prevents the formation of abnormal proteins that can damage the cell.

About one in 60 of ribosomes passing a stop codon, but it gets that interrupts the process of translation. Because Amd1 has oncogenic properties, artificial activation of a “molecular timer” to prevent excess protein and reduce the risk of development of malignant tumors.