The HRC called revoking the license of the “Stalin’s Death” an act of censorship

The HRC called revoking the license of the “Stalin’s Death” an act of censorship

Moscow. 31 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — Revoking the license of the film “Death of Stalin” is a blatant censorship, said a member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Ilya shablinsky.

We have reason to say some words about the movie “Death of Stalin”, which in itself, perhaps this does not deserve attention, but, I believe, and many colleagues believe (revoking the license is) the fact of censorship. We are dealing with the fact of censorship, overt, blatant.Ilya Sablinskiene a press conference at Central office “Interfax»

He noted that the action revoking the license contrary to article 29 of the Constitution.

“Our eyes kind of official watching the film after some time changed his assessment and felt that the film should not be shown to a wide audience. It is precisely the prohibition of the dissemination of materials solely from certain political preferences of the person”, — said the member of the HRC.

Sablinsky noted that any politician can be the object of irony, in connection with which the plot of the movie to discuss not make sense. “We are talking about what a person, a group of officials or a high official believes it is commonplace to break this seemed a forgotten article of the Constitution,” said human rights activist.

He added that opinions about the film may be different, however, the signs of extremism in it, it is “exclusively political vkusovschina”.