Trump cheated applause in Davos

Trump cheated applause in Davos

The first President of the USA of Donald trump at the world economic forum in Davos passed in silence: the audience didn’t react to his words as to the speech of other speakers. This writes the Associated Press.

As noted by the Agency, trump received only polite applause only when he got on stage and after he finished it.

“It wasn’t until I became a politician that I realised how nasty, how mean and how vicious, and how fake, the press can be,” Donald J. Trump said to a chorus of boos at the World Economic Forum in Davos

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) January 26, 2018

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However, as reports Bloomberg, the forum participants listened to the President of the United States very closely. If you typically the corridors and halls of the Congress centre where the forum is held, filled with rushing from one discussion to another people, during a speech trump in the center of “everything frozen”.

People stood at the screens, which was broadcasting the speech of the American leader, or listened to it through headphones into their smartphones.

In his speech, trump outlined the economic and foreign policy plans of the United States. So, according to him, Washington is open for cooperation including trade with all countries, but only if they are not “predatory” policy.

Trump also touched on the topic of energy security. According to the American leader, no country in the world should not “be held hostage” the only energy supplier. You are talking about, trump said.

USA, said the head of state, and willing to work with countries in the TRANS-Pacific partnership (Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP), but on mutually beneficial terms. In January 2017 the US by presidential decree out of the Association.

The agreement on the TPP, the administration of President Barack Obama and 11 other States signed in 2015, it was the largest trade agreement in 20 years. Trump announced intention to withdraw from the partnership on the first day of his presidency, he took office in January of 2017.