FAS rejected finalized by the Ministry of health strategy healthy lifestyles

FAS rejected finalized by the Ministry of health strategy healthy lifestyles

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the Russian Federation submitted to the Ministry of health comments on the revised draft of the Strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population. This was announced by Deputy head of FAS Andrey Kashevarov.

According to him, in the modified version of the strategy many of the comments service have not been considered.

We have prepared and sent their comments. It is unclear what criteria they use to assign the product category “Product of a healthy diet”, it is not clear the criteria to select specific producers.Andrew Kalevankangas Fcnovosti5 healthy food trends that will be remembered in 2017

However, he noted that the initiative of the Ministry of health applied to the product packaging information on what it belongs to health food, can create misconception among consumers. They may give the impression that other products are harmful to health.

In addition, the proposal to set the excise tax on sugary drinks and foods high in salt content can affect the price and increase costs for the consumer. “Any action of the producer is a price increase, additional duty,” — said Andrey Kashevarov.

In its comments, the FAS also alleges that the increase in excise taxes on alcohol products could lead to an influx of counterfeit goods. The service also sees no reason to further tighten anti-tobacco measures, as policymakers have not presented an assessment of the actions taken in order to limit the consumption of cigarettes.

Previously portal iz.ru wrote that in the draft Strategy of healthy lifestyle of the population assumes a gradual replacement of salt iodized.