Cinemas will not show “Death of Stalin”

Cinemas will not show “Death of Stalin”

The Ministry of culture has officially revoked the rental license is the Comedy “Death of Stalin”. Despite the scandal surrounding the film, some cinemas still left the picture in the schedule and will now be forced to return the money to the spectators who paid for the session.

The Ministry of culture sent a film distribution company “Volga” letter to revoke a distribution certificate, signed by Deputy Minister of culture Sergey Obryvalin. This was announced by the representative of the seller, a copy of the letter “y”. The reasons for revoking certificates the Ministry of culture refers to paragraph rules, which allows you to refuse the movie in theaters, if his public display of identified materials containing prohibited for distribution in Russia information. The letter is dated 23 January, but distributors claims that he got it only now.

While still not all the cinemas refused to show the film. Its output was appointed on January 25, according to “Afisha”, Moscow, “Death of Stalin” planned to demonstrate three of the cinema chain “Kinomax” and the cinema “pioneer” and “Torch”. The “Pioneer” and “Torch” on Thursday there are two showtimes, and tickets are sold out, are listed on the “Billboard”. To purchase tickets to “Kinomax”, please contact the box office cinema. According to the UAIS, current fees film amount to 29 thousand.