Varvara Karaulov will ask President for pardon

Varvara Karaulov will ask President for pardon

Student Varvara Karaulov, in December 2016, was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for attempting to join terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia), appeal to President Vladimir Putin asking for clemency.

As reported on air of radio station “Echo Moscow” the father of convicted Pavel Karaulov, a petition to the head of state has been sent. The student’s lawyer Sergei adamsin, however, said to “Interfax” that “nothing will be filed” until the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova decides to support the petition.

Pavel Karaulov said his daughter asked Mrs. Moskalkova to assist, “to this question (pardon.— “Kommersant”) were quickly solved.” According to the father of the prisoner, the Ombudsman visited Varvara Karaulov in the colony, “talked with her for two hours.” “We have received support from Tatiana Moskalkova. And Cooking is very optimistic, despite what is happening in her life,” added the father of the student.

He expressed the hope that clemency would be “solved quickly enough”. As recalled by the master of the guard, his daughter will be in the colony a little over two years.

The term is huge, in the life of a young girl’s loss of more than 2 years of life is a tragedy. We do not lose hope for justice and hope this is all behind us.Pavel Karaulov

That Tatiana Moskalkova supported the clemency application of a student last week told the human rights activist Zoya Svetova. We will remind, itself Varvara Karaulov intention to join ISIS denies. According to her, she was going to the middle East only to reunite there with his favorite recruiter IG, whom he met on the Internet.

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