A time of opportunity: where does the General despondency about the age

A time of opportunity: where does the General despondency about the age

Forbes Woman publishes an excerpt of a book by Barbara Sher “Better late than never. How to start a new life at any age” publisher “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”.

Barbara Sher knows how to start a new business in a Mature age, not hearsay. Her first book “wishcraft” came when cher was 44 years old and became a bestseller. In the “Better late than never”, the author talks about midlife crisis, about the origins of our ideas of the correct ways to grow and, most importantly, about how not to be afraid to change course and make the age to work for themselves. Forbes Woman quotes an excerpt in which cher tells how stereotypes about old age were formed in the middle of the last century.

I recently watched the movie “the Little rascals”. There was portrayed the perfect as a picture, an old grandmother and an important unyielding elderly matron.

— And what happened to all those old ladies? Never seen them before. Are all moved to Vegas? — I said to mother.

— Yes, they never existed, ‘ she replied. — Only in the movies.

I definitely have not seen such in his childhood, in Detroit during world war II. My grandfather, devastated by the death of my grandmother, came to life again when he was over seventy, he returned to war factory. My aunts and uncles in their forties and fifties also went to work in factories. At three in the morning when I over shift, they gathered at a local restaurant on a noisy Breakfast, more like a party slowly in bed, because the energy beat over the edge.

They never cared about labels, which are hung with age.

They before the war was a happy, resistant and resilient. In the end, their parents were fearless persons, has torn off their roots in Europe to get to America and start a whole new life without money and without anyone’s guidance. Coming from villages that have not changed for centuries, is the youngest country in the world, they earned a livelihood, bought a house, they listened to the radio, talking on the phone, drove the first car was not going to miss anything in his lifetime.

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Their children, my aunts and uncles, grew up in the “roaring twenties”, when the culture like the chain broke. Young emancipated girl — flapper — shocked old-fashioned parents cigarettes and booze, a free attitude towards sex, which boasted. The generation gap was much deeper than after seventy years, when there were kids with green hair on his head and rings in his nose. One of my uncles was the owner of the underground bar with alcohol, and to go, really had to knock three times and say, “I’m Joe”. My aunt opened the shop with sandwiches in one of the first airports and often threw the trade of the assistant, if the pilot offered her a ride in the sky. They acquired a small estate, overgrown families were the case. Then lost everything in the 1929 crash, but shook off the dust and started again from scratch.

No matter how old they were, none of them remotely resembled the old ladies sweetly with Christmas cards.

Our despair about how old they are, it seems, was not familiar with. Why? Because their life never froze.

It is constantly changing, updated. If life excites and delights, views about age at all disappear. The man acted as an individual and not as the representative of some stereotypical age group.

In fact, they themselves age stereotypes had not yet been generally accepted later. In America, they really emerged after the Second world war.