Federal Department of the USA stopped work due to lack of funding

Federal Department of the USA stopped work due to lack of funding

The budget document block Democrats, who require to include action on immigration. For passage of the bill the Republicans missing a few votes.

WASHINGTON, 20 Jan — RIA Novosti. At midnight (08.00 GMT) the US Federal government stopped work from-for absence of financing. Democrats in the Senate gave Republicans approve the bill for this reason. Currently, the Senate is negotiating a new bill.

The white house called the policy of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate on funding the government “behavior of losers”.

The Democrats “put politics above our national security interests, military families, vulnerable children and opportunities to serve all Americans,” reads the statement of the official representative of the White house Sarah Sandras received by RIA Novosti.

“This behavior is obstructionist losers, not the legislators,” the statement said.

USA are one of the few countries where the government cannot fully function without a budget.

Earlier, the house of representatives passed the fourth since the beginning of the fiscal year in October, the interim budget — this time until February 18. But the Democrats in the Senate block the budget, a number of provisions which may be adopted only by 60 votes out of 100, while the Republicans have only 51 votes. Democrats want to include the temporary budget measures on immigration, against whom are the Republicans and the White house.