Trump has published a rating of “fake media”

Trump has published a rating of “fake media”

TASS, January 18. The US President Donald trump has published a list of “winners” of this makeshift “award” for the “fake media”. This information was published on the website of the Republican party.

Trump included in the rating of “fake media” newspaper The New York Times and the Washington Post, ABC and CNN TV channels, magazines Time and Newsweek. Stories CNN received four of the eleven spots on the list of the trump.

In the last, eleventh paragraph of the rating trump put the scandal with his alleged links with Russia. “And last but not least: “Russian conspiracy!” Russian conspiracy is perhaps the greatest hoax created for (deception — approx. TASS) the American people. Conspiracy does not exist!” — said in the text.

Trump repeatedly openly stated that most of the American media deliberately acts against him by publishing false information. He in particular touched upon at the end of February 2017 at a press conference in the White house when he indicated that “the level of dishonesty in the press is out of control.” In the same month, trump in his Twitter called CNN, NBC and the newspaper The New York Times enemies of the American people. “The media fake news (CNN, NBC, The New York Times and many others) are not my enemy, and the enemy of the American people. The horror!” — wrote the head of state.