Found salvation from cheating

Found salvation from cheating

In modern society where people are free to choose and change the partner, the demonstration of his strong feelings helps to maintain long-term relationship.

Researchers from the University of Hokkaido (Japan), whose article was published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, I decided to compare how social and cultural norms accepted in the United States and Japan, affect displays of affection in a romantic relationship.

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The scientists proceeded from the hypothesis according to which the Americans live in a society with high mobility in relationships, that is, people have full freedom to choose and change the partner, so always experience anxiety because of the high risk of infidelity or care partner to the opponent. While the Japanese society is a different situation — there is mobility in the lower relations, romantic relations are more stable, people are less worried about what partner they will change or they will leave.

The researchers also suggested that a vivid manifestation of their feelings is developed in the process of evolution of adaptive behavior — signs of attention and care help to keep a partner, he voluntarily remains in the relationship, and the risk of infidelity and care is reduced, so passionate love needs to meet more frequently among Americans than among Japanese.