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Demographic editor

Governors recommended the adoption of further measures to increase the birth rate.

The regional authorities should take action to increase the birth rate in addition to applicable Federal. The labour Ministry has written to the governors letter with the recommendations. Talking about additional cash payments, for example, the regional maternity capital, improvement of living conditions for families, creating a 12-hour kindergartens. And the measures should be applied to all families regardless of income. Additional support is needed, as in the last two years, the falling birth rate and demographic situation may worsen, officials note.

About the need to take additional measures to increase the birth rate said in the draft guidelines, prepared by the Ministry. The Agency has already sent them to the regions (a letter signed by the first Deputy Minister Alexei Vovchenko at the disposal of “Izvestia”). Based on recommendations, government entities needs to determine the targets until 2020 “to increase fertility, mortality and migration increase” and can offer their own additions to the document, after which it will be submitted for approval to the government.

In the project of the Ministry of labor stated that “regional plans shall be provided for the adoption of new measures that could provide additional stimulating effect on fertility”. Talking about additional support for actors in addition to existing Federal programs — for example, the regional maternity capital, the monthly monetary payment for the third child, etc., explained in the document.

The guidelines defined the main directions of measures to increase the birth rate. This direct financial support — periodic and lump sum payments. Also the governors should create “conditions for combining raising children and professional duties.”

This, for example, the creation of nurseries and kindergartens additional seats “in a full-day (10.5 to 12 hours)”.

Regional officials recommended that to improve the living conditions for families with children, to form a “family friendly environment”.

Measures to increase birth rates should be stimulatory and not be supplanted by measures of social protection tailored to the needs and targeting.The Project Of The Ministry Of Labor

“The amount of support and measures of intangible nature for families with children should be important for potential recipients”, — stated in the document.

It also stated that “in the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation in 2016 and 2017 marked negative dynamics of fertility”. The decrease for the first time in 11 years, happened in 2016 and “evidence that the existing measures are not sufficient without additional measures the decline in fertility may increase”.

In a press-service of the Ministry of labor are unable to provide substantive comments.

Fertility decline is associated with a reduction in the number of women of reproductive age because in this age group are entering numerically small generation born in the 1990-ies, noted in a press-service of the Governor of the Omsk region. Acting Governor Alexander Burkov has informed “news” that the region already has additional support measures, such as monthly payments on the second and third child (until they reach three years) to families whose income does not exceed the value of the regional minimum subsistence level.