50 and below. In the British media was amazed at the Yakut frosts

50 and below. In the British media was amazed at the Yakut frosts

MOSCOW, 16 Jan β€” RIA Novosti. Several British media outlets wrote about the 60-degree frosts in the Yakut village Oymyakon, one of the coldest places in the world.

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“If you think that in the UK it’s cold, think about the people from the village of Oymyakon in Russia”, β€” writes the newspaper Metro.

“Tourists in Russia, perhaps waiting for an icy reception,” writes The Independent. β€” About 500 people live in the village of Oymyakon, and they haven’t given frost to prevent them from normal life.

“Welcome to the coldest village on Earth where the average temperature in January is -50 degrees and eyelashes inhabitants which freeze after a few seconds after they appear on the street,” writes the Daily Mail.

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“A list of common problems faced by the residents of Oymyakon, includes frozen pasta in pens, glasses that freeze to the face and not working the batteries. Say that local for the day leave the engine running in the machines, fearing that they will fail to start, notes the edition.

Local residents in recent days reported a temperature of -67 degrees Celsius. It is only a degree above the record set there in 1933.

The British drew attention to the multiple accounts in Instagram, in particular, Anastasia Gruzdevaya from Yakutsk, who published the photo, which gathered more than 30 thousand likes. On it she stands with eyelashes covered with frost.

“We all know what we have here -50? And Yes, we get out of the house (you have) and walk the streets while live. Even vidosik you can remove and take a picture! And indeed hot! “β€”she wrote in the comments.

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In addition, the media wrote about the Chinese tourists who took video journalist Elena Pototskaya.

Today, the Pole of cold Oimyakon in the 65-degree cold Chinese tourists bathed in the ice-free source-AAMU! Horror. We, the local, even on the street are afraid to go out in this cold. But here… the Tourists can bathe…Elena Photocartoonist

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Another hero of publications in the British media was photographer Peter Irons, in December made a photo of a ballerina in Yakutsk at a temperature of -41 degrees and published the photo in Instagram.

The photographer assured that immediately after shooting the dancer shod in felt boots and wearing a coat.

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