Was used kids

Was used kids

As a village school has achieved the status of best in Russia, learned on the spot Natalia radulova and Kristina Kormilitsyna.


A small rural school in the Vladimir region, which this year will be only one graduate, regularly becoming the best rural schools in Russia that was not closed.

Dima Golubev, a pupil of the 9th class from the village Lesnikovo, all classes sitting classmates had not. “A welder wants to be,” the whisper says the school Director Mikhail Ovechkin.

A boy from a dysfunctional family, and hard for him, but their trio earns.Michael Ovechkintoronto school

Last year Lesnikovskaya school had three high school students, one of the other beautiful: the winners of the municipal contest, MSE scored good points above district and regional level. “This graduation they got here, 5 thousand rubles spent! Dima is also a holiday in the summer will have,” promises the Director.

And that he alone was not, call the guys from the eighth grade, it is necessary to create an atmosphere.Michael Ovechkintoronto school

“Don’t complain — work”

The Director conducts a tour: until 1917, this brick house belonged to his great-grandfather, a merchant of the 2nd Guild. “He had five children, — says Mikhail Ilyich.— The eldest son of great-grandfather bequeathed the building where now we have a dining room, the second one — where shops, to the third — where the store. This, the biggest house, the Soviets immediately took to guide, brought great-grandmother and her two daughters, and in 1931 opened the school.” Mikhail Ilyich began to teach in 1981, and in 1987 became Director: “Where was born there and handy”.

In those years there was almost 400 children, and although the old building was built new, is still studied in two shifts. Now attending classes 39 students. Strong once lesnikovskaya farm, located 30 kilometers from the district center of Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir region, have long been destroyed, most capable citizens moved to work in the Vladimir and Moscow — where are the children in the deserted village come from?

But there were migrants. Here come the Uzbeks family, kids are generally in Russian do not know a word of. We spent so much effort to bring them up, and they started talking, started decent grades to, now the oldest girl went to College.Michael Ovechkintoronto school

In this small nine-year-old is not considered: two children from dysfunctional families are now in the regional center of rehabilitation, but are registered for lesnikovskaya school. “So we officially have 41 student — throws up his hands, Mikhail Ilyich.— It’s a shame”.

Here 40 children, would have received from the Ministry of education and science grant as a small — from 4 to 6 million rubles. And so the money is not supposed to.

However, nobody complains about — work. In lesnikovo 10 teachers. Like many rural schools, there are whole families: mother and daughter Piskunova teach Russian and German, the teacher — the Director’s son, the tutor of preschool — daughter-in-law of the Director, elementary school teacher, SWAT Director. Six teachers have the highest qualification category, two teachers have been awarded the title “Honored teacher of the Russian Federation” and the badge “Honorary worker of General education of the Russian Federation”. This school has three times won the best rural school in Russia, was the winner of III International competition. Makarenko the winner of all-Russian competition “For moral exploit of the teacher”, and recently, in November, became a laureate of all-Russian contest “Education organization of the XXI century. League leaders — 2017”.

Honorary status is a kind of security certificate that protects against the reorganization. Have long been talks that it would be more profitable to carry a small Lesnikova in a neighboring village where school more. But so far, no one raised a hand to close such a reputable school. So here try not to miss a single contest. Enhance the prestige.

Like many rural schools, there are dynasty: mother and daughter Piskunova taught Russian and German languages, the teacher — the Director’s son, the tutor of preschool — daughter-in-law of the Director, elementary school teacher, SWAT Director.

And prizes received, — laughs the Director.— Where 200 Grand prize where 100. Help us, of course, from the Federal, regional, local budget. Here allocated for repair 3 million from the local budget, another grant of one million, we have won the entire ski base its updated. Children of the sea sent to the camps, now just a student our in the Kremlin on the tree invited. The school computers each teacher, Internet, video surveillance everywhere, interactive whiteboards, printers, bus, new gas boiler, mini-printing house is even there — we are also on the competition as the prize was awarded.

I want to ensure that each student was on the tablet. Whatever you say, and the government is now very concerned about schools.Michael Ovechkintoronto school

And yet in such abundance where thick, which is empty. The same typography is not working paper is not on what to buy. And children often do not have enough textbooks, and the Federal budget they somehow have little money, so the teachers before each school year call to other schools in the area, find out if there are “extra” books, exchange them or buy at their own expense.

“A small country”

“The average salary of our teachers — 24 thousand, — explains the Director.— And since January we raise the base rate as the public sector is 8.5 percent. Of course, not that the Moscow colleagues — those we have heard, many times more. But for the village well.” The head teacher explains that there are all gardens. And it before, in the 1990s, if a family had two state employees, then at least scream. And now there are two state — so wealthy.

In the 1990s, when wages were not paid for six months, the Director Ovechkin came up to go to a glass factory in a neighboring village and took in account future teachers ‘ money tracksuits, they are there in their turn, barter bartered for the dishes. “I only to his pedsostava not extracted: and sausage wages paid, and the boots — sigh Mikhail Ilyich.— It is now the teachers only work. And then state the case before us was not, we were left to themselves. If not self-financing, do not survive b, probably.” It was then Ovechkin decided that school sites need to grow vegetables. Initially planned at least to provide the school cafeteria, but it went, the surplus started selling, “cabbage and potatoes all district agencies have failed”.

The school has a self-supporting raznovozrastnykh squad “Contemporary”, which welcomed students from the 5th class, combining them “on the basis of voluntary work and collective self-government.” The squad had 8 hectares of land for vegetables, 1.5 hectares of senopati. Bought two cars, two tractors with a full set of agricultural tools, motorcycle “Ural”. Residents of nearby villages when they wanted to plow the garden or to go somewhere, I went to the school.

In 1996, the profit of the detachment amounted to 56 million rubles, and in 1997 for 200 million Children and teachers began to eat hearty in the morning, go on trips, to arrange holidays. Anyone who has worked in the unit, pay — in turn introduced its own currency “ROPS”. For ropski who took in the store, worked not only children but also their parents, have arrived from the neighboring villages. Nurse Dina Askarova came in lesnikovo from Dagestan distribution and managed to learn in this school, children, now grandchildren, “Honey, remember, she bought sweets, stationery. I presented with an umbrella, a set of ceramic”.