Sobchak told about his political plans

Sobchak told about his political plans

MOSCOW, January 15 — RIA Novosti. The candidate in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak said that his victory in the upcoming elections would take the opportunity to create the right party, and added that in the future would like to have the chance to participate in the Duma elections in 2021 and the presidential election in 2024.

“I don’t know what will happen next. I would love to have had the chance, unlike other people who tried, and failed, to have had the chance to establish a party to participate in the Duma elections, then in the upcoming presidential. Maybe won’t get that chance, and I’m wrong, and I’m naive. And can, and will, you know, eight people came to the mount Everest, and the ninth came,” said Sobchak on air of radio “Echo of Moscow” on Monday.

She noted that his victory in the upcoming elections will be considered the opportunity “to create a right-wing party in Russia.”

“I’m pretty sure now, having come by herself in this big game, I can, figuratively speaking, pass between Scylla and Charybdis and come to his dream — to create a force that will, over time, not fast, not across the street, not through resolution, but really but to change the situation, because the main thing to change it”, — said Sobchak.

The Russian presidential election will be held on 18 March 2018, the electoral campaign officially started on 18 December. Sobchak, who is elected from the party “Civil initiative”, has positioned himself as the candidate “against all”.