Perm “Columbine”: options and possible consequences

Perm “Columbine”: options and possible consequences

Put forward several versions of what happened in the Perm school. At the moment there are about 15 injured, in critical condition, is the teacher. Was it possible to avoid the tragedy?

The attack in the Perm school. Two teenagers broke into fourth grade during a lesson and attacked with machetes on the children and the teacher. The number of injured has risen to 15 people, according to city officials. In serious condition is the shop teacher, part — time chemistry teacher. Fully picture of what happened is still not clear.

It was initially reported the brawl at school, then about the attack. Now there were several versions. One of them — the attackers is a former student of this school, he was going to take revenge on the teacher who supposedly was involved in his dismissal. According to this version, the teenager was helping a friend who still goes to College there. With estimates of 16-year-old Leo B. (give the name, by law, prohibited — Business FM) do, didn’t care to tell the version of the radio station his friend named Yegor:

— We were friends. In fact, in school he was shy. Nothing never happened supernatural to have such thoughts. That is, I don’t know how it happened.— Why I left to another school? In this school he did not want to keep due to poor ratings. So he went the other. Over the past three years nothing has happened in the supernatural. Everything was fine. I don’t know how it happened.

According to another version, the attackers deliberately came to the school to kill children. Suffered, remind the students of the fourth class “B”. One of the students told reporters that teenagers specially raised up to the floor where Junior classes are trained not to meet resistance from their peers. According to the interior Ministry, one of the attackers in Perm consisted on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

According to many experts, is to protect educational institutions against all threats is unrealistic. In Moscow schools security measures are unprecedented, but that does not guarantee absolute protection, the Chairman of the Board of Group of companies “guard-R” Vladimir Malikov.

Each class is an alarm button with the security post. That is instantly the guard receives a signal of operation, if in the class there is something wrong. It may be a conflict, it may be fire, smoke, anything. In this case, the guard immediately calls the immediate response. Twice a year we have come such bloody conflicts in educational institutions. And, despite the measures taken, the situation is not getting any better.Mr Melikonpolar of the Board of Group of companies “guard-R”

In favor of the version that the attackers are teenagers just wanted to be glorified, says what social networks they have collected a lot of information about a mass shooting in an American school “Columbine”. According to the Telegram-channel Mash, the Teens had agreed that after the attack they will kill each other out and stabbed each of them. Apparently, slapping each other with knives, the students realized that to bring the case to the end, they will not.

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Earlier, another young man, fascinated by the theme of “Columbine”, opened fire at school No. 1 in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow. It happened last fall, injured four people. Ivanteevskaya shooter for several months had warned about his intentions, but no one believed him.