The pension will not come all

The pension will not come all

Who in his old age risks to remain without money to live.

The Russians began to refuse pension. Even with extensive professional experience and positive characteristics from work, citizens can obtain a waiver from the state to the payment of old-age pension. Why is this happening and who is at risk to remain without money to live, found out Nikolai Dolgopolov.

The main causes of failure of the Pension Fund — lack of seniority or pension credits. Minimum experience must be 15 years, all this time, the employee must be formally documented and pay social insurance premiums. Depending on the amount of these contributions are awarded points, and, consequently, higher wages. Conventionally, receiving the minimum wage for the year you can accumulate about 1 point. To receive a pension in the 2017th year, it was necessary to score 11.4 points.

The requirements for documents proving employment tougher, the minimum threshold for points each year and exercise their right to retire is becoming increasingly difficult, said doctor of economic Sciences Andrey Gudkov.

This is due to the transition to a market economy, when commercial entities that arise and disappear, do not pay contributions for employees, and, accordingly, they do not receive any certificated seniority. The Pension Fund takes into account data from 1999, but the phenomenon appeared from the early 90s. I think it would meet wider and wider.Andrew Goudkantoor of economic Sciences

It is expected that by 2025, for a pension, the employee will have to score 30 points: then when the minimum wage will have to work 30 years. It is obvious that the number of failures will grow, because with low wages and criteria of the Pension Fund to perform much harder, said the Director of the Higher school of Economics in social studies Ovcharova: “we Have the same insurance pension: in order to get it in old age, you have earn during the period of disability. Therefore, in General, are all pension systems around the world. Another issue is that in our country risks to be in a similar situation above due to the fact that we have a very broad sector of discoplanet and very widespread informal employment”.

Those who fulfill all the requirements upon reaching retirement age will receive a pension insurance — now this is an average of 14-15 thousand rubles. per month. Who doesn’t rack up points, get social: it is one and a half times less (about 8-9 million); the right to receive it comes five years later, regarding the insurance.

However, you can continue to work and to earn points — as did, for example, Santa Claus, who believes that pensions should provide only for those who need it: “I refused the pension, when he settled in Veliky Ustyug. Came the representatives of the Pension Fund, tried to hand me a book — the retirement ticket. I believe that pensions are for people who are unable to care for themselves. I’m full of strength and energy, why should I retire?”.

Few people think about retirement, being strong and active. Meanwhile, the point system in conjunction with the lack of jobs and strict requirements for experience makes most vulnerable workers, minimum wages and the representatives of creative professions.

Among them freelancers, freelancers, stringers, and also the staff employed on short-term projects and startups.

In Moscow in the new year, the city social standard pensions for unemployed pensioners will grow by 3 thousand rubles and will reach 17.5 million RUB. For these purposes, and also for extra allowance in the capital budget is reserved 430 billion rubles.