Alligators are frozen into the ice in North Carolina

Alligators are frozen into the ice in North Carolina

Living in a national Park North Carolina alligators froze along with the water in local ponds on the surface are visible only to their mouth. The caretaker of the Shallotte River Swamp Park took video of immobilized reptiles.

In the beginning of the year, half the States were in a state of emergency due to hit the country of frosts and snowfalls. In some places the temperature dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius, the victims of bad weather began, according to recent data, 26 people.

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Had and animals, in particular alligators from North Carolina. Animals are literally frozen into the ice bound rivers and lakes. While reptiles do not die, and cleverly reduce their body temperature and fall into a kind of sleep, which experts call brumation is hibernation. Is the thermometer to rise, thawed and alligators, while the visitors have the ability to touch these predators.