The defense Ministry told about the drone strike on the base Hamim

The defense Ministry told about the drone strike on the base Hamim

Russian military on the night of January 6, repelled the attack drones Hamim on airbase in Syria, according to the Ministry of defence. According to authorities, the militants also tried to attack the item logistics (MTO) of the Navy in Tartus. Material damage of the Russian Federation military installations in Syria have not suffered, the injured was not.

As told in the Ministry of defence, 10 attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) approaching the air base and three — point MTO.

The Russian military managed to take control of six drones fighters.

“Three of them were put on the controlled territory outside the base, and three UAVs during landing exploded from the collision with the ground. Seven of the UAV was destroyed by the regular anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes “Pantsir-S1″ Russian air defense units, carrying round-the-clock combat duty,” — said the Agency. Defense believes that militants applied engineering solutions could be obtained only from countries with high technological capabilities. The Department explained that all the drones were equipped with barometric sensors and actuators of the Elevator control.

In homemade bombs attached to a drone aircraft of the type used fuses foreign production, added the Ministry of defence.

Technical expertise captured by a drone showed that the terrorists can carry out attacks with the range of about 100 km. currently, the Russian experts establish the channels of delivery technologies and devices to terrorists in Syria. The base Hamim and paragraph MTO in Tartus Navy after the attack continue to function as planned, said the Ministry of defense.

That air base in Syria Hamim tried to attack militants, January 7, said Bi-Bi-si with reference to human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Official confirmation of this information was not.

Previously, “Kommersant” became known that on December 31 Hamim airbase came under a mortar attack by radical Islamists, owing to what was destroyed at least seven aircraft: four Sukhoi su-24, two multi-purpose fighter su-35S and military transport aircraft An-72. The defense Ministry confirmed the attack, but denied information about the destruction of the aircraft.