Scientists have uncovered five reasons for overeating

Scientists have uncovered five reasons for overeating

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. An employee of the University of Sussex in the UK Jenny Morris explained why people often overeat. Expert column published in the journal the Conversation.

According to Morris, the propensity to binge is defined by several factors, the first of which is the serving size. This thesis is confirmed by the results of a recent experiment in which the subjects were asked to empty the bowl of soup. Some of the bowls were connected tubes, through which the broth was added unbeknownst to the participants. At the end of the experiment revealed that, despite the fact that some people consumed 73% more soup than the others, all felt equally full.

An equally important factor is the variety of dishes on the table. The nutritionist stresses that the feeling of fullness is directly connected with the time when the body begins to receive less pleasure from the taste of the food. Thus, according to the research, if the table is “breaking dishes”, the person eats four times as much.

Also, according to Morris, the overeating is influenced by watching TV and reading while eating, and alcohol consumption and behavior of people, gathered around the table. When a person is distracted, he is worse than aware of the point of saturation, and therefore eats more, the specialist explained. Similar action has and alcohol, which the brain later retrieves the appropriate signals.

In addition, when a person eats, he unconsciously “tries” on the eating habits of other people, in an effort to try everything like the neighbors on the table, which also contributes to overeating.

In order to avoid the influence of the mentioned factors and do not overeat, you should focus only on eating while eating, stresses Morris. Also, she advises to photograph the dishes to remind yourself of the amount of feed consumed during the day.