Militants again attacked Hamim

Militants again attacked Hamim

In Syria the evening of January 6 was again attacked Russian base Hamim. It is reported by Telegram-channel 4 Directorate, which monitors terrorist activity.

“Pro-Syrian activists report that the Russian military had shot down several drones attacked them. About what damage could be inflicted on this attack, is not known. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles — approx. “Of the”) handicraft production arm not less artisanal mines, but at the expense of mass can cause damage to art, which stands under the open sky,” — said the authors of the channel.

Also, the report Directorate 4 indicates that on the background of the shelling of the base was launched an information attack by opposing the government of Syria groups. “Information attack launched propagandists Iglinsky different gangs. They immediately came up with a kind of “movement of the free alawites” and began to list the “lost” technique. Among other things, appears “damaged or destroyed” installing s-400″, — the authors Directorate 4.

Earlier on Saturday near the Thai police base the Syrian military had shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle of the militants. The drone was arranged in a primitive wooden frame on which the adhesive tape is fixed to the engine. He was carrying two improvised mines with a plastic case.

3 January it was reported that on December 31 to the base Hamim was attacked, which allegedly destroyed seven aircraft. Subsequently, the Ministry of defense explained that the bombardment really was, he killed two soldiers, but the aircraft were not injured.