55 years ago, first flew on the Il-62

55 years ago, first flew on the Il-62

55 years ago, the skies the Il-62 is the flagship of “Aeroflot”, shot to fame in the Soviet lines and abroad. About the history of the legendary liner and causes long-term successful service recalls “Газета.Ru”.

January 2 marks 55 years since the first flight of the Il-62 passenger plane, which became one of the symbols of the Soviet aircraft industry. The emergence in the second half of the 1950s aircraft with turboprop and jet engines have identified a sharp increase in passenger traffic in the USSR and the world.

In one of the Soviet Union, the volume of traffic between 1950 and 1959 increased by 10 times.

Along with this the world’s growing demand for economic efficiency, reliability, comfort and noise, and in the Soviet Union, but began to focus on the international ICAO standards, understand the backlog of domestic equipment for some items.

So, it was obvious the absence in the domestic airlines Intercontinental jet airliner.

The far Tu-144, made a splash a few years ago, a lot of noise in the United States, had a loud turboprop engines, and still have a military background — was a civilian incarnation of the bomber Tu-95.

If the internal lines of Soviet citizens could carry on anything, on international routes were required of a modern long haul jet is the flagship, is able to represent the USSR in the air. Made itself felt and the fruits of the Khrushchev thaw: if in 1958, Soviet planes carried out flights in 16 States in 1963 at 30.

Yes, and the Soviet government wanted to make international visits to the modern civil airliner, not a converted bomber.

Initially the design of the new aircraft were assigned to the Tupolev. But the Tupolev was very busy with other projects, and it took another Soviet aircraft designer Sergey Ilyushin.

He proposed to develop aircraft with four turbofan engines, capable of carrying 150 passengers to a distance of 8,500 kilometers.

The proposal was accepted, and on 18 June 1960 there was a decision of the Council of Ministers on the design of the aircraft and at the same time the new engine NK-18.

Selected Ilyushin scheme with the placement of all four engines in the tail of the fuselage was applied in the USSR for the first time.

He was allowed to get on the plane “clean” wing with high aerodinamice quality, use effective mechanization of the wing, gave high takeoff and landing characteristics.

In addition, it removed them from the fuel tanks and, therefore, increased safety, and finally reduced the noise in the cabin. With a rear engine arrangement is connected and the main feature of the aircraft is very specific alignment, whereby the center of mass of the empty aircraft is behind the main landing gear.

Therefore, to prevent tipping in the Parking lot the plane had produced a fourth vertically support the chassis.