Born October

Born October

How to change the attitude of society to the events of 1917 — in publication of “Izvestia”.

The newspaper “Izvestia”, which is the same age as the revolution, on the pages reflect all the transformations through which passed the country over the past 100 years. And the anniversary of the “revolutionary” numbers most clearly showed the attitude of society to this historic event. From a rise of interest to the recession, from chanting to duty words, and finally to the end of the 1990s, attempt a sober analysis. We have collected the most striking examples of the commemorative newspaper articles that reflect a particular historical period of time.

1917 “Decree on peace”

Immediately after the revolution “news” has released two rooms completely dedicated to her. October 26, 1917 left editorial material “To the current time”. It tells why, by whom and how was carried out the coup.

Yesterday called the Bolshevik uprising crazy adventure. Today, when it was crowned with success in Petrograd, we do not change his opinion. We reiterate that this is not a transfer of power to the Soviets, and the seizure of power by one party — the Bolsheviks.

And then — prophetic warning:

While the Bolsheviks have seized Petrograd but not all of Russia. Danger of a bloody civil war. Blood and massacres — that’s what we need to be ready.

The next day, October 27, “Izvestia” published “Decree on peace”, adopted unanimously at the meeting of the all-Russian Congress of Soviets of workers’, soldiers ‘and peasants’ deputies.

1927: “We grow, get stronger, build”

The tenth anniversary of the revolution, “Izvestiya” noted the editorial, Abel Enukidze, who was then Chairman of the Commission for monitoring the daily activities of the Academy of Sciences.

The text under the heading “Soviet democracy for the 10th anniversary of October” summarizes the first decade after the revolution: “…in 1917, members of trade unions were 1.475.729, and by 1927 already 9.541.220”.

And to the left of it is placed a note of Mikhail Kalinin “Ten years”. It all-Union elder recalls that, “ten years of the dictatorship of the proletariat of the USSR is a luminous road signs ahead of the movement of the working class around the world.”

On the third page two columns under the heading “October toys” given to the cartoons of Boris Efimov signatures with a poem of Demyan Bedny.

“The toy-cheroske” (Alexander Kerensky. — Ed.) on the following lines:

“Toy here, toy! / Kerensky — Carushka Political/ NIT / Napoleonic! / In October came under the working nail. / Don’t touch! / Because — without having the whole face covered with bruises / Many touched hands / All five fingers in the face — yikes! / Bang!/ Bang! / — “Here’s to you, Entente slave!”.

Went and Pavel Miliukov:

“Toy here, toy! / Cadet gun: / the Barrel is rusty, the powder raw! / Dardanelles hero! / The ideologist of the Russian monarchist Constitution! / State Councilor of the counter-revolution!”.