Director, Stas Mikhailov has denied the claim against Russia to the ECHR

Director, Stas Mikhailov has denied the claim against Russia to the ECHR

Director of singer Stas Mikhailov denied the information about the submitting artist of the claim to the European court of human rights (ECHR) due to the use of the image of the actor in the movie “the stand”. On Tuesday, November 7, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

“We haven’t served anyone in any court, noted that this has nothing to do”, — said Sergey Kononov. He added:

We are surprised and do not understand where this provocation has arisen. We will try to investigate what happened and to investigate, to prosecute those who do it.

Kononov said that the history of litigation on this issue is complete in 2013, the capital of Ostankino court.

That the ECHR communicated the complaint of a citizen Stanislav Vladimirovich Mikhaylov against Russia over the use of the image of the singer in the movie “the stand,” November 7, said the representative of human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov. He showed a screenshot of a document on which was written the date of filing — December 5, 2014, and the date of taking into consideration — 19 October 2017.

According to the text, the musician intends to appeal against the refusal of lawyers to defend his interests and rights to the image. The Complainant argues that the image of the character in the film tarnished its dignity, personal and business reputation. Specified that the courts were acquainted only with the trailer, and watch a movie completely abandoned.

In 2013, the singer filed a complaint on the same issue in Ostankino court of Moscow, demanding the filmmakers 10 million rubles. It was rejected.

The movie “the stand” came out in 2013. The plot is based around competition the protagonist Igor Uspensky and singer Mikhail Stasov (both played by Aleksandr Revva) for the award “person of the year”. In the credits listed that any coincidence with real events and characters are random.