Disclosed the real cost of the iPhone X

The real cost of the iPhone is X 357,5 dollar, estimated by experts TechInsights. Their findings are publishes Reuters.

TechInsights indicates that the most expensive component of a smartphone is a 5.8-inch OLED display made by Samsung. The price was 65.5 USD.

For comparison, the screen of iPhone 8 is $ 36. Body with a steel frame — about $ 36. The cost of iPhone components does not exceed 8 248 dollars, and the iPhone 8 Plus — $ 288.

IPhone sales started on 3 X Nov in 55 countries. The price of the smartphone starts from thousands of dollars, and in Russia — 80 thousand rubles. After the start of sales of “ten” in Russia has dramatically lowered the cost of the iPhone 8, which arrived in stores in late September.