The Pentagon called the invasion the only way to disarm North Korea

The representative of the joint chiefs of staff rear Admiral Michael Dumont said that to completely eliminate the North Korean nuclear threat can be achieved only by a ground invasion in this country. About it reports “Russian service bi-Bi-si”.

According to the Admiral, even a rough estimate of the possible loss of such operations is extremely difficult. Senior military official also described the possible risks of such an operation, including the possibility of nuclear counterattack that North Korea can inflict, while U.S. troops try to disarm nuclear arsenals, located in the deep tunnels. Thus Dumont responded to the request of Congressman Ted Liu.

In the counter statement, Lew said that the words of Dumont is a serious concern, and warned that in the first days of hostilities, the conflict with North Korea could lead to hundreds of thousands and even millions of victims. “The analysis confirms the long-known fact that a good military options against North Korea is not” — summed up the politician.

Earlier on 6 November, US President, Donald trump declared that the era of strategic patience towards North Korea has ended. He said this during a visit to Japan. “Some people think my words are too strong. But look what happened in 25 years soft negotiations. Look where we are now,” said trump.

Relations between Washington and Pyongyang worsened in the aftermath of North Korea testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. In September, trump has promised to deal with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, whom he contemptuously called “little missile”. In response North Korea has threatened to strike at an unexpected moment “unimaginable impact” on the American territory.