Korean woman jumped from the 13th floor and crushed to death passer

A resident of the South Korean capital of Seoul jumped out of the window of the apartment located on the 13th floor of a residential building and fell to walking to work a man. This reports the South China Morning Post.

Both participants of the accident suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized. However, doctors were unable to save their lives — a man and a woman died.

According to the police report, Korean woman suffered from depression and probably decided to settle scores with life.

On 30 October it was reported that twelve-year-old boy jumped from the trestle in Virginia (USA) and killed 22-year — old girl he landed on her car. Marisa Harris (Marisa Harris) was driving on the highway in his SUV when the car fell a teenager. Her friend, sitting in front in the passenger seat, managed to turn the wheel and stop the car.

The girl died on the spot, her friend was not injured. Boy in critical condition was taken to the hospital.