Kadyrov concerned about senile dementia Zyuganov

Ramzan Kadyrov

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov questioned the mental abilities of Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, who has previously called chatter to rebury the idea of Vladimir Lenin. Kadyrov suggested that the desire of Communists to leave the body in the mausoleum may indicate his progressive senile dementia. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Kadyrov said that, according to polls “Levada-the centre” and Fund “Public opinion” (FOM), some 60 percent of Russians support the burial of Lenin. “Not to hear a new generation, plugging them to impose their point of view, insulting and humiliating, it is not a manifestation of senile dementia?” — said the head of the Republic, adding that Zyuganov would have to apologize to those he offended with his statement.

According to Kadyrov, that such statements bring discord into society and break it. In particular, he referred to a remark of the leader of the Communists that “the people who live in the Caucasus, say that we should neglect the opinion of our fathers and grandfathers.” “We live in Russia, same as you, Gennady Andreevich. Stop trying to separate the Caucasus, to speculate on this topic. We respect the graves of their ancestors unlike the Soviet government, which was building a road from gravestones. We respect people, living and dead. You also have not given”, — wrote the head of Chechnya.

Earlier in conversation with “Interfax”Zyuganov said that the attempt to make Lenin from the mausoleum will lead to riots and therefore should be suppressed. “Any chatter about how to rebury Lenin, nothing under a no, but to try to push on the red square generation and to organize the country riots”, he said. According to him, the Communists are ready to fight back and “chase” those who gather to rebury Lenin.

Zyuganov also called living in the Caucasus to respect the opinions of those who decided to embalm the founder of the Soviet state. “Fathers and grandfathers at the Congress took decision to bury Lenin. And then confirmed without exception, the tips that were on the territory of the country”, — the Communist added.

2 Nov Ramzan Kadyrov in his Telegram-channel raised the issue of reburial of Lenin. He claimed that he was tired of being on the red square of the corpse, and noted that the decision to take out Lenin from the mausoleum would be the right one. His proposal was supported by the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya.