Trump talked about the most daring soldiers in the world

The US President Donald trump called Americans the most courageous warriors in the world and tell other countries to realistically assess their readiness to defend their country. He stated this at a meeting with employees located in Japan US air force base Yokota, his words leads Reuters.

“No dictator, no regime, no country should underestimate the determination of Americans,” said trump. “It happened that in the past we have underestimated, they didn’t enjoy it, don’t you?” he added.

The President also stressed that the United States will never abandon the defense of its people, freedom and “the great American flag”.

Donald trump arrived in Japan as part of his Asian tour. He also plans to visit South Korea, China, Philippines and Vietnam to take part in the APEC summit.

Earlier, on 5 November it was reported that trump confirmed his intention to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the APEC summit. “It’s to be expected. We want Russia’s help on North Korea”, — he explained.