“Russian Robinson Crusoe” told about life on a desert island

“Russian Robinson Crusoe” told about life on a desert island

Russian Yevgeny Zubachev, who decided to single-handedly sail from Sweden to Spain, spoke about how he for three days had to survive on a desert island after a new sailboat sprang a leak at the beginning of the journey.

Eugene started his journey on the newly purchased sailboat, and therefore could not believe my eyes when I saw a new boat in the breach. The traveler had to go to change the route to get to nearby Islands. At this time, the sea played a storm, and at night, the Navigator was denied navigation, and sailboat crashed into the rocks, reports REN TV.

Escaping from a sinking ship, the Russians left without a radio and telephone. In the pouring rain he was able to get to a small stone and waited for dawn. When morning Eugene realized that to survive it will only fresh water and set off swimming to the nearby Islands where you could stay the puddles after the storm. In the new stone island the Russian held two more days. To warm up a little, he posted on the Bank of moss “Help”.

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On the third day after the collapse the Russians saw aircraft in the sky and began to wave a bright life jacket. Shortly behind him flew a rescue team that brought Eugene to the hospital. Rescuers estimated that by swimming man overcame the 3 mile, but after three days in wet clothes on the island, where the night temperature never got above zero degrees, Eugene had not caught even a cold.